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Grateful Dead Dec. 28, 1989

Coliseum Arean Oakland, CA | Listen on archive

Users have designated the following versions as heady!
Dire Wolf
A cool version from the New Year's Run '89.
Feel Like A Stranger
The boys are JUICED and clearly having a ball. Listen to this NOW. It is probably one of the best for the craziness. Long, long crazy night!
Foolish Heart
Nothing too exciting, but worth an honorable mention at least.
All Along the Watchtower
Check out the final jam! FAN AWAY!
Eyes Of The World
Starting to hit that nicer melower groove, Real energetic with out being fast, alot going on from Jerry and nice drumming on this version, nice keys.
Drums -> Space
Features guest Willie Green of The Neville Brothers. Parts of the Drums->Space appear on the Release Infrared Roses. Heady Stuff !!!!
Just A Little Light
Very cool slow building intro that goes for over 2 minutes before the verse.
Looks Like Rain
Another strong version from Brent's last year. Colorful with a swirling energy.
Ramble On Rose
Really soulful take. Jerry's voice, although slightly ragged, does everything he wants it to do.