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Grateful Dead Aug. 30, 1983

Silva Hall, Hult Center Eugene, OR | Listen on archive

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Terrapin Station
After the last notes of the final refrain, they wander into deep space and then return to the refrain again, powerful, give it a listen.
NIce Candyman from Eugene Oregon.
Lazy Lightnin' -> Supplication
Adventurous workout for this duo! – new aud source has great depth
Feel Like A Stranger
Bob's voice has some real flare/funk to it. The whole band was on fire this night. Amazing opener to a incredible show!
Throwing Stones
Bob + Brent with talented inspiring interplay! Jerry laying fire with Phil. Terrapin>Drums>Throwin Stones>NFA>wharf rat>sugar mag>BDP
Not Fade Away
Brent is all confidently over the keys. Brent and Jerry interplay on NFA is unmatched! Tight, up tempo, with energy! Throwing Stones >NFA>Wharf Rat!!!
Wharf Rat
Jerry is sharp and accurate here. Great energic vocal digs. Brent's back ups are so nice. Some heart and lift here, focused and engaged every second!!
Sugar Magnolia
Blossoming from a Wharf Rat; Bobby vocally sounds great. Brent and Jerry really electrify the solo.A strong up tempo Sugar Magnolia.Amazing show10/10!
Brokedown Palace
WOW! Jerry sounds so great here! Brent's keys + back up vocals fit so well. Strong BDP to close an amazing show. Needs WAY more attention!