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Grateful Dead Feb. 24, 1992

Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Oakland, CA | Listen on archive

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I'm surprised this early version hasn't been mentioned. Very loose, and builds nicely to the Other One.
The Other One
One of the stronger late-era versions. Split across Drums (with a third jam segment before). What's not to like?
Wave to the Wind
Good early version. I like the more complicated changes in 1992, almost seems like they were trying for an Eyes-feel.
Aiko Aiko
Fun and Funky Mardi Gras inspired Aiko opens a very fun second set. Melts into one of the first Corrina's that cooks.
The Same Thing
Some serious wonderful blues coming out of a tease of a return to the other one, melts amazingly into drums->space. Wonderful juxtaposition
So Many Roads
Wonderful version out of the other one. Love it post space in the Jerry ballad slot.