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Grateful Dead June 11, 1993

Buckeye Lake Music Center Hebron, OH | Listen on archive

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So Many Roads
might have been best version when they played it, but it was topped in deer creek on the 21st
Eyes Of The World
second set opener
Foolish Heart
jack straw>foolish to open show
Playin' In The Band
Short but gets out to some real spacey portions rather quickly, Comes out of a nice flowing eyes and segues into an equally smooth UJB. Very fun run.
Uncle John's Band
Very high energy sparkling UJB, fun show at Buckeye Lake. Very high energy well sung and very well jammed out.
As usual with Corrina this is all about the very hot long exit jam this one like many leads into a hot drums->space.
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
Excellent version, Phil hamming it up wonderfully whle jerry lays down some sparkling clear lines and Phil drops some well timed bombs, very fun
Jack Straw
Flows into a sweet foolish heart to create a unique and very cool start to the show. Bob has some vocal issues all tour but seems to be able to rip it
Black Peter
Great version from one the best 1993 shows. Jerry's vocals are excellent and the outro jam smokes.
Drums -> Space
Downright spooky.
When I Paint My Masterpiece
Funky little number, great Phil bass work and cozy leads from Jerry.
The Same Thing
Pigpen cut revived for the 90's with the group in kind of a slow crawling king snake vibe. Vince knows how to lay down some organ. Top late form.
Lazy River Road
Sweet, sweet, down-home and yokey Jerry.
Brokedown Palace
Simply beautiful. A gorgeous version of a gorgeous song. Jerry's solo is particularly powerful.
Promised Land
not many heady versions from 1993, but this one is worth hearing. Vince gets a lengthier piano solo, and both of Jerry's solos feel right at home.