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Grateful Dead April 30, 1988

Frost Amphitheatre Palo Alto, CA | Listen on archive

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Shakedown Street
Great late 1980's funkathon, grooving and shaking, gets set 2 off to a real hot start
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Huge surprise for an encore on this evening
Feel Like A Stranger
Super tight, funky, slinky Stranger, to really get the night moving. HOT
Row Jimmy
Absolutely glistening solo from Jerry and tasteful tonal fills from Brent. Choice
Hey Pocky Way
Blistering, full band energy. Crunchy Brent, fiery Jerry soloing - Bobby notes pre-song, this is the "drummer's choice" - Version cranks
All Along the Watchtower
I feel like I heard hendrix's version a million times so I never really gave the Daed's version much time. This is bonkers! Bobby randomly goes off...
Let It Grow
I would put this up against any other '88 performance. Rise and Fall Jam unleashed!