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Grateful Dead Aug. 4, 1982

Kiel Auditorium St. Louis, MO | Listen on archive

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Friend of the Devil
real nice Brent and Jer interplay
Row Jimmy
Not too fast and not too slow. Just perfect. Like the rest of this first set
Brown Eyed Women
Fast-picking goodness. Jerry's bridge solo is long and lightning quick and awesome. 1 point off for lyric flub on re-entry, but the rest is gold.
Stagger Lee
Real twangy country sounding version, brents keys sound like he's in an old saloon, Real Hot interesting take.
Feel Like A Stranger
Real nice Hot opener, Nice and funky,
Black Peter
Slight up tempo but still real powerful with a tremendous ripping solo by Jerry Wonderful stuff.
Around and Around
Short but very sweettight as a drum backing bobby gives the vocals a little extra 50's Rock n Roll Sound Truly Wonderful Crisp Version Sweet
U.S. Blues (Wave That Flag)
Excellent rocking ending sweet show, the board up on archive is clean a wonderful show , sweet summer encore
Terrapin Station
Incendiary improv. Completely breaks away from Terrapin into type II bliss mode (sorry, but not sorry to use Phish terminology)
Estimated Prophet
Sharp, feisty version with Jerry and Brent setting up a beautiful, dreamy -> Terrapin