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Grateful Dead Feb. 4, 1978

Milwaukee Auditorium Milwaukee, WI | Listen on archive

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Dupree's Diamond Blues
Can't beat this one. Played w/out a hitch, Jerry nails all the lyrics, and when it's over Phil says: "And that's a true story, folks!"
Its All Over Now
Balls deep, great drum avalanche for outtro
Row Jimmy
If a SBD of this version and show existed we'd all be talking it up. But the AUD is pretty good, & this RJ has tasty Garcia licks. Don't overlook it!
Dancin' in the Streets
Funky funky funky Dancin scorching Jerry leads Pil bombs away, great discofied jam fest
Not Fade Away
Some cool and different jamming in this version.
Terrapin Station
NEW BETTY BOARD (link in comments)and this version doesn't have mercy on you or your feelings!
Black Peter
Bow to King Peter! This ending sounds like TMNS duirng this era. Insane! Make sure to check out Betty Board(2nd set only)
Samson and Delilah
The next night gets all the love, but this is a smoking hot preview to that one.
Playin' In The Band
Not going to dethrone Veneta by any means but still a worthwhile spacey, concise, chilled out rendition. Some nice melodic chord jamming from Garcia.
Around and Around
Real smooth version on a crisp Betty Board
I think I managed to stumble upon a hidden jem. Jerry’s is so sweet sounding and shout out Donna man