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Grateful Dead - He's Gone

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead He's Gone.

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DP 13. Dedicated to Bobby Sands. The best version, post song jam is mammoth.
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Very nice recording and performance...Looong NFA jam out of it before they kick into a stellar version of that tune
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A true example of why I think Keith is one of my all time favorite pianists, simply beautiful!
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Holy beautiful version! Jerry hits the tingly goodness on this one. Very nice
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Ignore nay-sayers who think this show is only about the (jaw dropping) PITB and decide yourself, this version is pretty, pure and full of '72 love.
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This blew my mind at the movies, the vocal jam at the end was insane on the big screen
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'73 was a special year for He's Gone. Could Keith play any sweeter than on this version? I think not.
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Possibly the most gorgeously jammed version ever. Guaranteed Jerry's long, dreamy outtro will wisk you away on cloud 9