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May 5, 1981
Glens Falls Civic Center

The main reasons I mention this version are the return of the Spanish Jam and then Alabama Getaway at the end. Great for 81.
Spanish Jam
Oct. 15, 1983
Civic Center

The Space leading into St Stephen contains 2 Spanish Jam/Quotes that build into huge climaxes.
Spanish Jam
Sept. 27, 1981
Capital Centre

This has o be the most upbeat, fast paced and downright happy Spanish Jam ever done. Quite uniqe.
Eyes Of The World
July 10, 1981
St. Paul Civic Center Arena

MNS infused Eyes from 81 reaches 15 minutes here with huge jam in the Eyes theme leading into drums
Estimated Prophet
Sept. 1, 1980
War Memorial

Possibly the most intense middle break of any Estimated. Everything in this show is about perfect anyhow....


He's Gone
Dec. 12, 1980
Swing Auditorium

Tears rolling down Jerry's eyes? The same Jerry that barely moved a foot and got cheers? Perhaps a little revisionist history lol?
Morning Dew
Oct. 18, 1974
Winterland Arena

I don't know who is worse about keeping lists: Deadheads or Christians... In both cases, it kills the messenger. Enjoy the season. Selah tee dah...
Playin' In The Band
July 29, 1988
Laguna Seca Recreation Area

I heard this one night in the car on The GD Hour and when Gans said 88 I was like "no way!" but it tis true indeed.
Playin' In The Band
Nov. 30, 1980
Fox Theatre

This is certainly the best version of 1980. Freedom Haul above touches on the ending, it is a couple of minutes, similar to how Jer liked to jam on The Other One as he wound down to the drums when he was coming out of the drums with it afterwards. Here, he jams on the Wheel for several minutes as he winds down to the drums out of this fantastic Playin.... Oh, it is just bee-u-tee-full. :)
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 16, 1974
Winterland Arena

This is a really good mindfuck that just goes on and on.