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Dev's Picks



Not Fade Away
April 26, 1983
The Spectrum

Nice vocal jam with the crowd taking part, only wish they jammed it longer. Brent sounds amazing on that Hammond, but is anyone surprised? DvP39
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
April 26, 1983
The Spectrum

Brent tickling the ivories and Jerry noodling away, just beautiful. Builds into the drums really nicely. Released on Dave's Picks 39
Brother Esau
April 26, 1983
The Spectrum

Just the right amount of cowbell. Dave's Picks 39
Throwing Stones
April 26, 1983
The Spectrum

Off of Dave's Picks 39. One of the earlier pairings with NFA, transition could be hotter, but all in all good jamming
Samson and Delilah
March 15, 1990
Capital Centre

Unbelievable that this wasn't already up here. Legendary show, this Samson nothing to scoff at. Good god almighty


The Other One
Feb. 23, 1974
Winterland Arena

The space section has some real heavy Phil bombs, but it really starts to heat up after with, as others have pointed out a nice slipknot jam. Slows for a few seconds, but then the return to the main theme can only be described as triumphant and truly heavy shit. Grendel's comment above describes it perfectly. Full spectrum communication, with Lesh and Jerry dueling wonderfully and Keith and Bobby adding some great tones, Billy doing so much more than just keeping up with a giant slugfest. Easily one of my favorite 73-74 other ones. Eases into a stellar Eyes, beautiful juxtaposition. I was skeptical of Dave's 42 being a release from a run already covered, but it has since become one of my favorites of the series and this 2nd set sequence is the reason why
Playin' In The Band
June 9, 1973
RFK Stadium

9 votes on this behemoth?! That's crazy, this is a great pitb. Admittedly, most from mid-72 to 74 are but there are really some great passages throughout this one and Phil is especially prominent in the mix. Boys were out to prove something at these two rfk shows
She Belongs To Me
Sept. 15, 1985
Devore Field

Hey Grendel, you're welcome, my vote just pushed it to the top. Just heard this and it is absolutely the best one, sbd is pristine and Jerry just crushes it. Vocals are on point and the whole band is there to raise his every note to a worthy zenith
Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
July 31, 1983
Ventura County Fairgrounds

Extra mustard, indeed. Scorching leads
Let It Grow
April 26, 1983
The Spectrum

Scorched earth version. Phil laid waste to the heads in attendance while Jerry arguably never played faster. Good god damn