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Love will N.F.A



Sept. 13, 1983
Manor Downs

Part of a stellar run that kicks off set two follows the fantastic scarlet fire opener. Keeps up the hot pace for the evening good interplay in Texas
Aiko Aiko
June 26, 1993
RFK Stadium

I saw many ikos over the years. This one is one I always remember as enjoying a little extra.
Drums -> Space
July 14, 1985
Ventura County Fairgrounds

Magic. They are dialed into the zone all night and the rhythm devils don’t disappoint and niether does an out there space sequence. Some true magic
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Jan. 29, 1987
San Francisco Civic Auditorium

The capper to a rather sad show Otis passed earlier in the day and Bobby is a mess. This melancholy ballad fits the mood and Jerry brings the passion.
Throwing Stones
Dec. 17, 1992
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum

Love the tambourine sound in the beginning and love Jerry throwing in a few extra rips during some of his parts. Bob goes full rock star at one point.


Playin' In The Band
March 26, 1988
Hampton Coliseum

Tame but likable performance from A solid run of shows.
Standing On The Moon
April 1, 1995
Pyramid Arena

Excellent version. Jerry often still nailed the ballads in 1985. As for best run of the year I’d probably have to go with seattle.
Nov. 8, 1969
Fillmore West

The beat that sounds like pitb is often referred to as the main ten.
Morning Dew
June 18, 1974
Freedom Hall

EGstahura. Strong disagree on the Cornell few. But I do think this one is grea.
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
March 10, 1993
Rosemont Horizon

Starts out a little off kilter but finds it’s groove and starts to really cook. Vocally strong throughout. Phil and Bobby are high in the mix. Jerry’s guitar is a touch thin. Vinny does a nice job here. a good well sung version.