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drumming blob



Pretty Peggy O
April 15, 1982
Providence Civic Center

great version.. holds together nicely with a fantastic little run in the solo @ 3:30
They Love Each Other
Nov. 9, 1979
Memorial Auditorium

Absolute DEFINITIVE solo. Probably one of my favorite jerry solos of all time. It comes out fully formed, absolutely inspired and never a wasted note.


Cosmic Charlie
June 4, 1976
Paramount Theatre

May 26, 1977
Baltimore Civic Center

has everything you want
Playin' In The Band
April 22, 1977
The Spectrum

this might be the most playin-est playin of 77... has everything you need. Here are my listening notes: 4/22 comes out swinging… jazzy drums, rolling tempo, spacy weirdness from keith, rolicking energy… def earlier dead vibes… yessss… rips apart with some tiger action. V strong synth and phil energy pulsing underneath, subsides nicely… i like it, quintessential deadness, interesting segment arabesque major key? Crack in the cosmos a bit here, settles back into reality, kalliope space returns swirling upwards, walking up the stairs to something just out of reach, float into space, this sounds familiar, and we’re back Theres absolutely no reason this should be so low. stands out above all the rest from 77
Wharf Rat
Oct. 14, 1977
Hofheinz Pavilion

perfectly played. great jam coming out... phil drops some bombs during bridge, which is exactly what you should be looking for in a great wharf rat
Stella Blue
May 13, 1977
Auditorium Theatre

best of 77 no doubt