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Days Between
May 21, 1995
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

Jerry doesn’t miss a beat. Video shows him deeply into this version onstage and you can hear it in his vocals. This one can stand with the greatest.
Sept. 29, 1993
Boston Garden

Spacey and well played. Vince has some sick fills and Jerry plays very strongly. Better than 4/2/95
Sept. 28, 1994
Boston Garden

Very hot version, Jerry’s on fire in the solo and his vocals are perfect. This show is massively underrated vs much of the rest of this fall tour.
Not Fade Away
May 25, 1992
Shoreline Amphitheatre

Great Vince version. Super hot. Follows the first west coast Attics. Jerry was really feeling it.
Turn On Your Love Light
July 7, 1984
Alpine Valley Music Theatre

Glorious return of lovelight to regular rotation. Phil leads with the riff out of NFA. Can’t imagine what this was like


Pretty Peggy O
May 28, 1995
Portland Meadows

Beautiful aching version. Nice to be reminded how special this band was - ALWAYS. Jerry’s old man voice really suits this one and solos are nice and pretty. This is definitely one of the songs that did not suffer and possibly got better as Jerry declined.
Hell in a Bucket
June 26, 1994
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

Jerry has some absolutely searing leads here - he's only hampered by his thin distorted tone, a hallmark of his Summer '94 sound. Definitely a tight version,
Bird Song
Oct. 15, 1984
Civic Center

Really lovely out jam. Jerry and Phil sound great and so does Brent. Damn. So does Bob. And so do the drummers! All around classic mid 80s version with one of those meandering jams that never peaks but it does sound very nice.
Foolish Heart
June 27, 1995
The Palace

Not only is the jam into Foolish pretty good, the mid solo is stunningly hot. Foolish is one of the few songs I notice pretty consistently which Jerry never lost his mojo for playing a ripping solo on.
Shakedown Street
June 1, 1991
Los Angeles Coliseum

Massively hot sleeper version, this one flew so far under the radar I hadn’t listened to it til today. Unreal end jam, Bruce and Bobby and Jerry pull some fantastic themes and peaks together.