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The Eleven
Oct. 8, 1968
The Matrix

Some wormholes just require a smaller spaceship. The Hartbeats phase isn't just true Dead, it's essential.
April 5, 1971
Manhattan Center

The fuzz is turned up and the boys are ready to launch
He Was A Friend of Mine
Dec. 7, 1968
Bellarmine College

great soloing, cut off short
Bird Song
Sept. 30, 1980
Warfield Theatre

Incredible acoustic version. Jerry goes OFF in this jam
Mama Tried
Oct. 31, 1970
School Gymnasium, S.U.N.Y.

Halloween psychedelia


The Eleven
April 27, 1969
Labor Temple

Something about this show... Jerry's fuzzed-out solos are just so innovative in this one. The jam towards the end is nuts. Whenever they play with this progression the result is so filthy
St. Stephen
April 27, 1969
Labor Temple

The jam after William Tell is particularly good. There's a fleeting moment towards the beginning of that where the entire band is silent for a split second (7:27 on the DP26 version). Their brains are so psychically locked together in these jams it's incredible. Such innovative and clean soloing, these post- William Tell jams are some of their best work ever.
The Eleven
April 26, 1969
The Electric Theatre

The way they slip into the rumbling high-tempo mindmeld at the end of this one is particularly effortless. Jerry is a storyteller and the fuzzbox is his pen.
Doin' That Rag
Feb. 11, 1969
Fillmore East

Wow, that final solo packs some serious creativity into a rather short time. Gorgeous pedal work. Underrated version of an underrated song.
Jan. 25, 1969
Avalon Ballroom

Sounds like a pig snuck onstage and oinked into the microphone part way through the song... either that or the boys had an exceptionally strong batch