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Grateful Dead March 27, 1972

Academy of Music New York, NY | Listen on archive

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Playin' In The Band
Shorter than later incarnations, this one is a full throttle cosmic adventure condenced neatly into an 11min package
El Paso
Jerry in serious bluegrass mode. Most country-westernized version ever. At the end Phil sez "Thanks, Texans" even tho' they're in NYC. Awesome version
Two Souls in Communion
A true pigpen classic delivered with passion like only Ron could bring, Beautiful and floating a truly lovely moment.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Extremelly high energy fantastic band crowd interaction, this is an amazing pairing. Phil and Jerry are dominating this version.
Good Lovin'
Real hot sweet and super jammed out the Miller SNBD is the choice as pig is inaudible on aud and it has 2 cuts. Fantastic bluesy rock from 1972.
Holy smokes this is hot, Jerry is so crisp with his playing and the vocals, has those little extra touches, fantastic
Casey Jones
The boys absolutely freaking nail this one, close to perfection. Tight lyrics perfect instrumentation. Highly recommended whole show is tight.
One More Saturday Night
Keith and Jerry on fire all show, check out the miller snbd. https://archive.org/details/gd1972-03-27.132366.sbd.miller.flac16
Brown Eyed Women
So tight ready for a record. https://archive.org/details/gd1972-03-27.132366.sbd.miller.flac16
Cumberland Blues
Extremely quick pace & locked in, https://archive.org/details/gd1972-03-27.132366.sbd.miller.flac16
Ramble On Rose
Please listen to the whole show, go to archive find the charlie miller snbd. and listen gorgeous and as tight as 1977 dead on Europe 72 warmup
Looks Like Rain
I cant implore you enough listen to this whole show. This is pure magic absolutely blissful. Find the miller snbd and enjoy it s FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mister Charlie
Has a real sick groove makes you want to get up and dance, real solid funky groove tight Jerry guitar and Pigpen vocals. Great stuff ready for Europe
Huge Bertha to start the night off!
Black Throated Wind
Charged up and triumphant. The whole week of shows before Europe is killer. Thanks go to C. Miller for the great archive versions.
Big Boss Man
The crowd is loving the livin' life out of it...Great night for Pigpen songs.
Greatest Story Ever Told
The new SBD's are crystal clear, with everyone audible. Whoever that Billy guy is could sure play some goddamned drums. He's solid gold on this one.
Sugar Magnolia
FTB city Weir's showcasing his chops and Jer soars over him - Keith colors here finely, Impossible to sit during this one.....