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Unreeeeel Eleven from one of the greatest nights of all time.
This would be a career highlight even without the Alhambra. Silky & melodramatic in the best way. Ripping bodices, the mansion on fire, A REVOLUTION!!!!, ...
Seems to be gone for the archive link, I'm guessing because of the official release? Here's a spotify link - https://open.spotify.com/track/5EDdu4Eww4l9QukrHF8LeN?si=fCY582jSQVeAGgFxe_5maw Enjoy!
The Seamons Matrix of this from March 2018 really brings this whole show to another level. Listening to the middle jam of this version (starting ...
I neve saw VIew from the Vault III. I believe it has this Candyman. This show is pretty damn good!!