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Grateful Dead July 12, 1987

Giants Stadium East Rutherford, NJ | Listen on archive

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Morning Dew
no joking around here
When Push Comes to Shove
A groovin' hot version.
100000 Tons of Steel
Smoking version from the Dylan and the Dead tour so go with the Miller version.
A rocking Bertha to end the first set.
Take A Step Back
Everybody walk back like an egyptian that's right its a new dance you probably havent heard it take a astep back like an egyptian, Funny into a dew
West L.A. Fadeaway
Very Bluesy sounding cool echo on the lyrics early, Mickey ? keeps hitting a high pitched bell, Jerry has nasty guitar breaks on this version.
All Along the Watchtower
With Dylan - Jerry Goes FULL Gunslinger on this one - MF!
Touch of Grey
Nice Energy on this '87 er
Queen Jane Approximately
Spank this one with BD - follows a Wicked Messenger (not LOA flavor) but still hot to see.
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Alright version with Dylan. Unfortunately the GD harmonies don't quite make up for the Dylan vocals...
Stella Blue
I was surprised to look back and see how relatively short this version was, because it had wonderful pace and the punch was ferocious.
Playin' In The Band
Not exceptionally long but still a very good version. Phil's great here.
Greatest Story Ever Told
Why the dead chose to neuter the peak jam inherent in early incarnations of this song is one of the most perplexing mysteries ever. This is crisp tho
Not Fade Away
This is a tight, high enegy, version. Really about as good as this song got. You can tell the audience agreed.
Throwing Stones
Bobby's voice is in top form on this tight, energetic version. The transition into NFA is flawless.
When I Paint My Masterpiece
The boys had the odasity to play this song during their set at Giants stadium during the Dylan and the Dead tour, and rightfully so!
The Other One
Coming out of space, into Stella, classic pairing going into and out of The Other One. They take their sweet time getting there, this is a spacey one