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Grateful Dead Feb. 20, 1982

Golden Hall, Community Concourse San Diego, CA | Listen on archive

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Franklin's Tower
Rare set 2 opener does not come out of slipknot, stranger, or half step like the bulk, cool to hear it get a standing start. Cool opener high energy
Playin' In The Band
starts out pedestrian than a few minutes in Jerry just takes off followed by the rhythm devils then Brent takes lead and goes totally apeshit
C. C. Rider
underrated gem of a song hot performance, spicy Bobby
To Lay Me Down
Crystal clear tone on hi-qual aud. Rango/Miller
Jack Straw
Jerry cuts down notes played by about 50% compared to previous year, beautifully played
Let It Grow
Holy mother of god. Do you want to feel like you're back at the show? Do you also want to hear the best Let It Grow of the '80s? Listen up boys n gir
Samson and Delilah
Coming out of a hot Franklin’s. Slick groove!
Mama Tried
Jerry's playing is sharp as hell. Incredible sounding AUD for this show too.
Tennessee Jed
LOVE Jerry's playing on this. This show rocks. JG is on point throughout.
They Love Each Other
This one starts off kinda run of the mill, then Jerry lays down a sick solo starting around the 4 minute mark. Great JG show as a whole.
Mexicali Blues
I'm not always the biggest Mexicali fan, but Jerry's playing on this is dope. Sounds to me like there are a few Big River teases here. Good stuff.