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Grateful Dead Dec. 6, 1981

Rosemont Horizon Rosemont, IL | Listen on archive

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To Lay Me Down
I know it's a cliché but I genuinely was surprised not to find this take here already. Everyone's on it. Dreamy but exact.
Drums -> Space
Airplane space
Eyes Of The World
Super fast Jerry burns up the last lead part before drums take over
Mama Tried
Sunday is family day
Jack A Roe
The fastest, foot-tappingest, Jerry pickingest, headiest version of jack-a-roe I’ve ever heard by the dead
Not Fade Away
Out of a spectacular space comes this masterpiece, chock full of jamming - descends into a great Wharf Rat
New Minglewood Blues
Real nice groove to it throughout. Garcia comes in blazing with that stanky early 80s tone at start of the short jam. Fine one.