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Grateful Dead Feb. 24, 1973

University of Iowa Iowa City, IA | Listen on archive

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Playin' In The Band
Epic performance...so locked-in...tough to debate best ever but it's up there
Phil dominates your eardrums with a booming bass solo. A hidden gem worth finding.
Tennessee Jed
Balls out. Everyone on fire. Every song in this show is brilliant. Where's the rest of the show???
Sugar Magnolia
Just spun the Bass Jam > Sugar Mags from 30 Days of Dead - really sick stuff. Lesh rock-Gods a nice solo jam into this smoke show Mags. Choice
You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man
nice take on this rare classic
Feelin' Groovy Jam
This one emerges from a Phil solo. There are only two fragments of this show on the archive.
Eyes Of The World
Amazed at how these early versions are so well established, moving along confidently yet dreamily; then some unique post-lyric explorations.