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Grateful Dead March 21, 1986

Hampton Coliseum Hampton, VA | Listen on archive

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Sugar Magnolia
left Hampton that night knowing I just heard a powerful Sugar Maggs
Road Runner
Nice (I'm A) Road Runner to start the show.
Bird Song
Epically intense crescendos. A singular version set in an awesomely improvisational first set. Especially listen to Weir & Garcia's contributions.
Driving interpretation later in a smoking first set that had the band ON FIRE. Weir's playing is especially innovative in this set- some of his best.
Let It Grow
A hot Supplication Jam->Let it Grow combo done several times in 1986. Lyrics get an extra run thru. Jamming and spacey
100000 Tons of Steel
Good version nestled into a unique first set. Neat crowd reactions. BTW the title is "Tons of Steel" not "100000 Tons of Steel"