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Grateful Dead Feb. 3, 1979

Market Square Arena Indianapolis, IN | Listen on archive

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Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain
This is THE Scarlet Begonias of all Scarlet Begonias! MONSTER solo here folks!! Do yourself a favor and listen.
Estimated Prophet
Have you heard the insanity that goes on at the end?
The Other One
Whoa, this is absolutely scorching. Never thought I'd hear one from 1979 this unbelievably hot!
Wharf Rat
Bring down of an incredible sequence.
I Need A Miracle
Hot as the sequence before it. Great come-down.
Eyes Of The World
The smoothest transition out of "Estimated" that I've heard, and it doesn't let up.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
This whole show needs some love. Don't be discouraged by the uneven quality of the tapes/SBDs!
From the Heart of Me
I love how it functions in the context of the whole first set.
Casey Jones
Great capper to one of the all time greatest set list dont believe me go check it out. FIery rendition real good show
Scarlet Begonias
This one belongs here too. This is not a stand-alone rendition, but the solo hits a mind-blowing peak. The transition is good too.
New Minglewood Blues
Blazing version. after a hot mid set 1 china->rider
The Music Never Stopped
This is Godchaux's 2nd to kast TMNS. Just like their behavior, this versionn is a ticking bomb and does what you want out of a TMNS
Promised Land
Quality unleashed via Miller upgrade at 1 min/ PL on through train ticket