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Grateful Dead March 30, 1983

Warfield Theatre San Francisco, CA | Listen on archive

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Might As Well
Killer 2nd set Might As Well!!
Playin' In The Band
Great example of early '80s style. Mick on the xylos or Brent on some synth job all good.
China Doll
Jer sounds young at the start and then his voice gets that weary edge by the end. Lovely notes here.
It Must Have Been The Roses
Real standout, Brent is great on this version and Jerry has a delicate twinge to his voice.
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Very hot interesting version coming out of space and into China doll. Bth the entrance and exit jams are really on fire
Dire Wolf
Upbeat with a tremendous swing to it. Brent's keyboards are a treat on this version.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Delicious loads of killer Brent key work and Jerry is sublime lyrically and with the axe. Transition COOKS with GAS
Brother Esau
Played every night of the 3/29-31 Warfield run, I'd say this is the best of the three. Good vocal and guitar solo, and Brent shines throughout.