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better weather



Big River
Sept. 5, 1985
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

wow. mega one w/ Vinyasa flow!!
Drums -> Space
June 6, 1991
Deer Creek Music Center

great lively kits, and horrifying beam-staring into the sun at full tilt. Comprehensive schoenberg space. iykyk. The best have lasting ramifications.
Playin' In The Band
March 26, 1988
Hampton Coliseum

This coiling, muscular Playin>UJB is rowdy! Kindness!
Uncle John's Band
March 22, 1993
The Omni

They Love Each Other
Dec. 19, 1978
State Fairgrounds Coliseum

serpentine version! Fabulous, deeply meant, a fine sofa carved to bespoke proportions


Let It Grow
Jan. 31, 1978
Uptown Theater

check the date dude- explosive version that goes the distance, Wolf is howlin', two devils deviling and five golden rings, this one rules!
St. Stephen
Dec. 31, 1978
Winterland Arena

simply a monster version! grateful dead make rhythm their obedient subject all night, this wily sneaky version no exception. The group is thunderous and exploratory on EVERY song. what a night
Dark Star
Dec. 31, 1978
Winterland Arena

love me my feedback nonsense but takes nothing away from this beautiful chill version, Keith and jerry rippling away into the night with archangels watching remorsefully from the rafters as we wave goodbye to winterland.
Wharf Rat
Dec. 31, 1978
Winterland Arena

crux of a perfect show with 'beautiful jam' overtones, thunderous cathartic waves of inertia!
China Doll
Feb. 19, 1973
International Amphitheatre

crystalline gossamer magic. Heartbreaking, tender version.