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broken eyes



Johnny B. Goode
Sept. 3, 1980
Civic Center

Jerry in full guitar hero mode, and he can barely keep up with himself. They played FAST in '80.
Days Between
March 11, 1993
Rosemont Horizon

Slow build but the outtro solo is worth it. Jerry shreds it to pieces. Amazing. Make sure you get the Matrix - it's a VAST improvement.
March 11, 1993
Rosemont Horizon

Ken Nordine Space - definitely worth a listen.
So Many Roads
March 11, 1993
Rosemont Horizon

Pretty bad lyrical flubs, but fluent and decisive solo
It Must Have Been The Roses
June 28, 1974
Boston Garden

No solo, but lots of beautiful little nuances hiding in the verses. Standout performance by every supporting member.


Box of Rain
June 24, 1973
Memorial Coliseum

Best version. Sweet vox with more interesting playing than Spectrum. Not quite as clean as the beautiful Keith solo in that one, but more inventive playing all around. More of a dialogue between instruments. Harmonies aren't as precise but there's more emotion.
Not Fade Away
Oct. 22, 1978
Winterland Arena

Halfway through and completely shocked this isn’t higher.
Stella Blue
March 24, 1973
The Spectrum

Crazily underrated. Try focusing on Weir a little (kind of quiet and to the left). He’s having a night.
They Love Each Other
March 24, 1973
The Spectrum

This may be it. Had to stop what I was doing to listen more than once.
They Love Each Other
March 24, 1973
The Spectrum

Beautiful one here. Makes me question my post-hiatus preference.