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Stealth Head



Me and My Uncle
Oct. 31, 1971
Ohio Theatre

Bobby puts on the snarling spiteful chaw and the band is lightning tight. The banter after is fun too.
Jan. 25, 1969
Avalon Ballroom

Quite beautiful and melodic, surprisingly. Perfectly transitions from the outrageous chaos of Caution into the sweet soothing balm of an AWBYG.
El Paso
Feb. 27, 1977
Robertson Gym, UC Santa Barbara

Pared down and quiet, but also a tight ball of energy, ready to burst. Seems like this show doesn't get enough love.
March 17, 1968
Carousel Ballroom

Sounds like they had a big-rig air horns, steam whistles, small caliber rifles and martian submarines: A Symphony of Wrong. Awesome.
Jan. 1, 1967
Studio Rehearsals

Outtakes from Anthem: '67 comes in hot! The transition from '66 pop is complete. B/B- sound quality though. Worth it.


China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Dec. 6, 1971
Felt Forum, Madison Square Garden

The China Cat kind of 'chugs along' at a slower pace than others from the era, but they switch gears in the transition jam. They must have signaled each other to kick up the tempo and put some steam on it because it's night-and-day. Keeping with the highway metaphors: The IKYR has the inertia of an 18-wheeler cruising flat straight road in high gear and is just hella-good fun.
El Paso
Nov. 21, 1973
Denver Coliseum

Smoothest whiplash ever here: Musical magic in action coming in from a furious high-elevation Playin' with hardly a hint of the El Paso within it. Suddenly it hasn't just already started, but it has retroactively played itself into a forwardsback existence that was always there waiting too bloom outwards in its fractal filigree. Or maybe I'm just trippin' - hard to say.
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 25, 1973
Dane County Coliseum

Unique and beautiful piano-led motifs around 12:00 start with repeated notes high in the register that remind me of Keith Jarret's work with Charles Lloyd. It's undoubtable that they'd all been turned on to each other's music by this point and I know that Lloyd sat in once at the Family Dog on 03 August 1969.
Black Throated Wind
Oct. 25, 1973
Dane County Coliseum

BTW at its best. This accelerates in a perfect arc from its tentative and sheepish first lines of regret walking the blue highway towards its outraged manic triumphant 180° turn. Go back and get hurt again, Bobby, do it....
Big River
Oct. 25, 1973
Dane County Coliseum

Jerry's solo at 3:30 is a pristine three-chorus example of soloing over changes. Just killer, it is.