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jaded vet



Saint of Circumstance
Oct. 25, 1980
Radio City Music Hall

This should be on here if not for any other reason than Jerry doesn't F up the spacey chords after any of the choruses. WOO HOO!!!! :)
Me and My Uncle
Nov. 24, 1978
Capitol Theatre

Definitely a sleeper gem. Just exactly perfect. Vocals, groove, execution... They all come together here!
Mama Tried
May 26, 1977
Baltimore Civic Center

So damn funky; killer groove. I'm a stickler for vocals, and Bob sings this one beautifully. High energy '77 version.
May 11, 1977
St. Paul Civic Center Arena

5/11/77 > 5/8/77 IMHO. Execution is near-perfect. If you like Cornell, check this one out from only three days later and compare.
Stella Blue
Oct. 19, 1973
Oklahoma City Fairgrounds Arena

Cliche to say "I can't believe this isn't on here," but I'm sayin' it! It's perfectly and beautifully executed. The definitive '73 version.


Good Lovin'
April 25, 1971
Fillmore East

Greatest Story Ever Told
Sept. 28, 1972
Stanley Theatre

I'm generally skeptical of versions rated highly for gimmicks. (St. Stephen jam, 80,524 beat intro to BIODTL, etc...) but this version smokes even without the nod to Stephen. I think my vote just tied this for first place with Veneta, 16-16.
Tennessee Jed
Oct. 20, 1974
Winterland Arena

Why was this left off the GD Movie soundtrack?!?!?
Pretty Peggy O
June 17, 1975
Winterland Arena

Wow, thanks for this suggestion. Very nice.
Feb. 27, 1981
Uptown Theater

Clean is right- a sleeper for sure, except for coming out of the last solo... I swear they miss the cue on that more than they don't... But still a great one, and better than most above this. Thanks for introducing me to it.