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Born 2 B Dead



Spanish Jam
Sept. 17, 1982
Cumberland County Civic Center

Very tasty Spanish jam out of space running seamlessly into TOO> GDTRFB>Dew. Great second set !
Mexicali Blues
June 18, 1983
Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Magic in Saratoga! You can tell when Jerry chips in on the refrain, he's having a good old time.
Pretty Peggy O
Sept. 18, 1974
Parc des Expositions

VERY laid back version with subdued guitar work letting Keith and Phil shine through.Not sure I've heard another like this.
Big River
June 18, 1983
Saratoga Performing Arts Center

Great Jerry/Brent interplay. This whole damn show smokes if you can get past the lack of a SBD. The Huston/Miller remaster ain't too shabby.
Around and Around
Sept. 2, 1979
Augusta Civic Center


Samson and Delilah
June 30, 1985
Merriweather Post Pavilion

Ayuh, this here is a wicked rippah.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
May 25, 1974
Campus Stadium, UCSB

Starts off sounding a little ragged but by the outro jam into the transition, Jerry has sidestepped our reality and entered one of his own. Insane jamming right through Rider as the band gamely hangs on to Jerry's flying shirt tails. Billy's drumming is a thing of beauty
Mississippi Halfstep Uptown Toodeloo
Oct. 28, 1979
Cape Cod Coliseum

Why, in the name of all that's Heady, is this languishing in the basement? I'd stack this against almost any of the '77 versions sitting in the top 10 spots.
Help On The Way > Slipknot > Franklin's Tower
Oct. 1, 1994
Boston Garden

Wow! I ended up listening to this on Youtube by mistake and Hot Damn! For years I've ignored almost everything post Brent.....thereby cheating myself out of killer jams like this one. This whole show is pretty crunchy.
Franklin's Tower
Oct. 28, 1979
Cape Cod Coliseum

Reckon there was a reason to play this 2 nights in a row. Like they dipped into the well the night before but didn't drink their fill. A touch more laid back than the previous night but a monster nonetheless. I favor this one of the two.