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I Need A Miracle
Oct. 22, 1978
Winterland Arena

Must listen! Bobby's passion is here, those '78 drums +the band fully engaged. Arriving from a beautiful From The Heart Of Me! Amazing performance <3
Keep Your Day Job
April 7, 1985
The Spectrum

Awesome closer to a mornin dew -> sugar mag, finale. Brent and Jerry sound great on it
Wharf Rat
March 24, 1981
Rainbow Theater

Epic Wharf Rat that arrives from a rippin Truckin! Good transition and great Wharf Rat
Rosalie McFall
Oct. 19, 1980
Saenger Performing Arts Center

Best 80's Rosalie McFall? Great clap along, very strong tempo and delivered near flawless. Jerry sounds amazing. Acoustic beauty. A must listen!
Jack A Roe
Oct. 19, 1980
Saenger Performing Arts Center

AUD sounds great and puts you in the heart of this charmed crowd. Jerry sounds great, the acoustic is enchanting, and the band is ON! '80 Dead gold!


Pretty Peggy O
Dec. 31, 1983
Civic Auditorium

I really enjoy this Peggy O. The solo is executed near perfect and has some lift and soul. Phil is locked in. Jerry sounds as strong as possible here in '83. Strong Peggy-O for the time line ! More attention!
Casey Jones
April 24, 1972

Keith and Billy really stand out here. Keith is super amped up on those keys on the climax and Bobby is rockin his head off! Jerry is as on as ever as well. This Casey Jones really chugs.. What a treat to get mid show. Awesome!
Comes A Time
April 26, 1972

Eyes wide, jaw dropped, heart out. Incredible work of art from the band. Jerry is near perfect here
From the Heart of Me
Oct. 22, 1978
Winterland Arena

Incredible. What a gem to have <3. Scarlet -> FOTM to Samson and Deliah! -> Donna takes us down From The Heart Of Me, into I Need A Miracle... to arrive to epic Drums. How awesome! Beautiful work from Donna. Great song!
Victim Or The Crime
June 9, 1990
Cal Expo

Stunning work on the keys. Bobby sounds great and Jerry is strong here. Awesome performance from the band! A 90's treat!