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norwegian head



New Minglewood Blues
Oct. 14, 1976
Shrine Auditorium

The AUD is amazing. Keith shines, and everybody's into it. Bootstrap '76 knockin' down your door.
The Other One
May 5, 1979
Civic Center

Steady charge, everyone rallying along the theme. Philzone!
The Seven
March 21, 1970
Capitol Theater

To the point - and totally out of the blue. This is Dead magic.
New Potato Caboose
Oct. 13, 1968
Avalon Ballroom

One of their truly psychedelic songs, on a truly psychedelic night. Incredible transition from Cryptical.
Good Lovin'
Sept. 29, 1969
Cafe au Go-Go

High octane Seven > Good Lovin' from a overlooked diamond in the rough.


The Other One
March 22, 1973
Utica Memorial Auditorium

CRIMINALLY underrated. Seamless, throughout the whole thing. Not a second wasted. A '73 type Other One, executed close to perfection.
March 22, 1973
Utica Memorial Auditorium

bzfgt is 100% correct, this oughta get up closer towards the top. One of the best Trucksplosions of '73!
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Aug. 5, 1974
Philadelphia Civic Arena

I never got the Feelin' Groovy thing in China/Riders. It always feels like it disrupts the whole feel and tempo of the song, and following many of the transition jams they did in '72 especially, Feelin' Groovy seems redundant to add to an already perfect match. That said, this version is a killer. Short and sweet Feelin' Groovy, after a ferocious transition jam. The matrix is your best bet. Upvote for sure!
Dark Star
Dec. 15, 1972
Long Beach Arena

Lovely. Not a definitive Star as mentioned above, but the "moments" that you often find in the best of dead-jams comes a-plenty here.
Dec. 15, 1972
Long Beach Arena

The way Phil shakes everyone off balance and brings them into the free jam is a classic Dead moment. Seriously underrated meat-sequence, has to be heard at least once.