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Greatest Story Ever Told
May 12, 1974
University of Nevada

Keith is fantastic throughout - gives this version the same vibe as some of Garcia/Saunders explorations during the same time period. Fun listen. #50
They Love Each Other
Aug. 20, 1983
Frost Amphitheatre

Sure there’s a couple lyric flubs, but Jerry delivers in a slight trippy fashion during this loping version. Love it
Little Red Rooster
Aug. 31, 1981
Aladdin Theater

Proudly submit this version. That Dusborne matrix gives this superb depth of sound. Brent’s Hammond solo is lively and strong, and Jerry’s lightning.
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
July 6, 1990
Cardinal Stadium

Surprised this one hasn’t been submitted already. Raucous version with Brent getting weirdly psychedelic for his calypso-like solo


China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
May 12, 1981
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum

It’s power in spite of its brevity is what impresses most about this version - I love the interplay between Jerry and Brent throughout.
Foolish Heart
March 20, 1991
Capital Centre

What a one-two punch to open the 2nd set - the end of this ‘Foolish’ gets me every time; Jerry is a man possessed. Especially after that beefy ‘Eyes.’
Shakedown Street
March 17, 1993
Capital Centre

I have to agree with August - this thing has moxie; a heavier funk atmosphere. It’s patient and deliberate, but in a smoothed-out mood. Garcia’s tone was heading towards that juicy ‘93 Summer sound. Great opener for what was probably a drunken mess
Bird Song
July 25, 1982
Compton Terrace Amphitheatre

Man, this version is criminally underrated as of today! What an awesome jam/solo by Jerry - almost sounds like he started banjo picking. Give it a spin…upvote.
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Dec. 4, 1979
Uptown Theater

China-> Rider: Unique version IMO of the transition jam; Jerry refuses to take the lead, and trails behind Brent - on point. The pocket sits between them on the way down to mellow, but interesting territory - if only they’d taken it up to a peak from dipping into the nothing…it sets an exploratory tone for the set.