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Jerry G



Samson and Delilah
Oct. 28, 1977
Soldiers' and Sailors' Memorial Hall

Billy K
Sept. 21, 1968
Pacific Recording

Studio Rarities
Estimated Prophet
March 13, 1985
Berkeley Community Theatre

Wharf Rat
Oct. 4, 1981
Rainbow Theater

Great show
Playin' In The Band
March 24, 1971
Winterland Arena

<5 min


Dark Star
Dec. 26, 1969
McFarlin Auditorium, SMU

“Dark Star is going all the time. It’s going right now. You don’t begin it so much as you enter it. You don’t end it so much as leave it.” — Tom Constanten
Dark Star
Dec. 16, 1968
The Matrix

Of course it should be here. I certainly did not mean to imply otherwise. That’s precisely why I commented that it is a killer submission. And yes, it should be here so others are made aware if they have not yet discovered The Hartbeats. I even posted a link to some David and the Dorks in the comments on one submission a while back as there are likely quite a few that are unfamiliar with that coalition as well. My apologies for the confusion
Dark Star
Dec. 16, 1968
The Matrix

from comments “Garcia is ON...but this is not the Dead this is Mickey and the Hartbeats, which, on this night, consisted of Jerry Garcia, Jack Casady, and Mickey, with Spencer Dryden in the first set and David Getz in the second. no Phil, Billy, or Pigpen. what a hot show though!!!! superfine.”
Dark Star
Dec. 16, 1968
The Matrix

Killer submission. Wild jamming. Polkas, dog food jingles, etc…
Sugar Magnolia
Dec. 6, 1973
Public Hall

This is Buffalo ‘77, just a few years earlier. Similar feel