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Man Smart, Woman Smarter
Dec. 30, 1983
Civic Auditorium

Some of the smoothest rhythm Bobby ever laid down on this tune. Brent provides great harmony. Super sweetness here!
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
April 24, 1984
Veterans' Memorial Coliseum

Rhythmic, bouncy, Uptempo BobbyBrentastic version
Man Smart, Woman Smarter
March 26, 1990
Knickerbocker Arena

Love when Brent takes the vocal on 2nd verse PLUS check out the little trade-off he & Bob do on lyrics in last stanza. Bouncy, jaunty, supefun stuff
Not Fade Away
Jan. 11, 1978
Shrine Auditorium

Solid rhythmic NFA with Donna in good form and a tasty little space outro
Me and My Uncle
April 19, 1978
Veterans Memorial Auditorium

Garciia packs epic multitudes into his brief guitar solo. Check out this WAY under the radar MAMU>BigRiver pairing. One of the best ever.


Bird Song
Sept. 16, 1972
Boston Music Hall

Yes new SBD source is the winner here..excellent Birdsong (was there not such an animal in ‘72?) but this whole show is a gem. Check out the DarkStar>BrokedownPalace too
Playin' In The Band
Oct. 7, 1977
University of New Mexico

Yes & this isn’t the only overlooked ‘77 PITB which like this one tend to be dreamy, patient, almost quiet but supremely beautiful. There are a lot of great gems from this show including an all time Wharf Rat but this PITB is a fine sleeper pick & real strong rec.
Eyes Of The World
May 21, 1974
Edmundson Pavilion

^^^^Spot on drummer comparisons...Billy himself would be beaming to hear his name mentioned with Elvin Jones but it's deserved, esp. when you hear the kind of work he does here or really anything in this time period
Eyes Of The World
May 21, 1974
Edmundson Pavilion

Back to mention that after some recent re-listening this one needs some extra acknowledgment for how seriously outstanding the outro section is. Most of the '73-'74 post lyric versions are vert similar sounding --and that's not bad b/c most of them are gold--but this one is a notch above & deserves more ears...Phil is of course the main driver here and I've yet to hear a more confident charge into this jazz jam than what he lays down here--just a thick but flowing dig down and go get 'em juggernaut of flying bass notes & then they're all off to the races...there's even a mini-space break down jam before they nail the stronger than dirt theme and the transition into a killer Wharf Rat could not be any silkier. I can't re-vote for this one but hopefully it'll get some extra love for those who may have missed it in the vast sea of great Eyes from this time period. N'west box set has best sound but there are good archive versions too.
May 19, 1974
Portland Memorial Coliseum

Never upped a non-'77 version before but shame on me for not giving deserved attention to a really sweet, tight, beautifully sung version that doesn't contain the monster jam solos Garcia infused into nearly every '77 version but still brings some short, sharp moments of Garcia guitar magic. Bouncy, lively, and very nice rendition--thanks to those who reviewed it recently and got me on the bandwagon.