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Let It Grow
April 30, 1988
Frost Amphitheatre

I would put this up against any other '88 performance. Rise and Fall Jam unleashed!
Let It Grow
March 28, 1984
Marin County Veterans Auditorium

First show of '84. Absolutely insane LIG, and one of the fastest. Phil bombs, Brent synths.
Way To Go Home
April 4, 1994
Sports Arena

Outstanding performance. Like a mix of CSNY and Sammy Hagar with the Dead.
Easy Answers
June 10, 1994
Cal Expo

Bobby guitar solo included. Great groove to this one.
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
May 15, 1993
Sam Boyd Silver Bowl

Well-played encore.


Tennessee Jed
Aug. 10, 1982
Iowa Fieldhouse - University of Iowa

Jer and the boys just dominate this one. They hit every chord change just exactly perfect, and Jerry's end solo is great. Intense vocals all the way through. A guy calls for them to play "Purple Haze" after the song on the Mance/Bass audience tape, which is excellent. The soundboard is also very good for '82.
June 18, 1995
Giants Stadium

Jerry is pretty absent for most of the song (it sounds like he was trying to get the steel drum MIDI set on his rig), but the rest of the band absolutely kills it. Vince does some great work here. When Jer finally kicks it into gear, the jam starts to go to some interesting places.
Wharf Rat
June 19, 1994
Autzen Stadium, U. of Oregon

This is a stand-out for sure. This whole show is probably the best of 1994.
Morning Dew
June 18, 1974
Freedom Hall

This performance contains the best Phil I have heard on a Dew. The appropriate amount of Phil Bombs this song deserves.
Loose Lucy
July 1, 1973
Universal Amphitheatre