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Man Smart, Woman Smarter
April 27, 1985
Frost Amphitheatre

Caps a great sequence of Scarlet-Eyes-GDTRFB-WomanSmarter-into a really good drums.
One More Saturday Night
April 27, 1985
Frost Amphitheatre

Rocks right out of a quick Around and Around, closes out an excellent set!
Black Peter
April 27, 1985
Frost Amphitheatre

Aching and poignant. Fairly standard for the mid 80s, and that’s a good thing….
Little Red Rooster
April 27, 1985
Frost Amphitheatre

Cool mellow blues
Ship of Fools
Aug. 22, 1993
Autzen Stadium - University of Oregon

Late era haunting fragile beauty. With 50 years upon his head…..


May 3, 1977
The Palladium

Builds to a ferocious crescendo.
Eyes Of The World
Nov. 4, 1977
Cotterell Gym - Colgate University

Fiercest Eyes ever was played today in 1977! Fiery, ferocious, explosive. It feels like some of the wrathful beauty of a Cryptical Coda from 1969-1970 is slashing through Jerry’s guitar….from an underrated 77 show.
Dark Star
Oct. 21, 1971
Auditorium Theatre

Keith dives right in (2nd show) to make this profoundly groovy Dark Star-Sittin’-DS-Bobby McGee….
Crazy Fingers
July 18, 1982
Ventura County Fairgrounds

How in tarnation is this only 5 votes?!? Always a tough tune to totally pull off live, true, but always a thing of ragged beauty! This was the first since 9/30/76... The coda jam, outro, whatever we want to call it, is gorgeous and lush! Lyrically, Hunter was running on all cylinders here and when they manage to pull it off so sweetly and Jerry let's those crazy fingers go....
Death Don't Have No Mercy
Oct. 12, 1968
Avalon Ballroom

Whoa. This has become a new favorite.... Everyone should listen. Entire show is ridiculous. Especially the Eleven and the Cryptical Reprise, though the whole show is tight and magnificent and sublime.