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colorado guy



Jan. 20, 1979
Shea's Theater

Shea's Theater - second on deck and a nice warm welcome as a raging snowstorm was happening outside in the snowbelt of Buffalo
Love in the Afternoon
March 18, 1978
Warner theatre

So good...Donna and Maria cooing while Garcia just fills perfectly
Touch of Grey
Oct. 14, 1988
Miami Arena

Why we love this band. Every little new nuance in each version. Love the way Garcia sings, "Oh well the Touch of Grey.." and the way he pronounces it.
Dec. 31, 1972
Winterland Arena

Trippy underwater solo like the 2/24/73 version. Only a couple months away and the resurrection of this tune starting up.
Row Jimmy
April 9, 1987
UIC Pavilion

About as fine as a version you'll get. This one is absolutely soaring. 3/20/77 second solo like. I mean just listen. It's inspired big time!


Dancin' in the Streets
May 9, 1978
Onongada County War Memorial

Holy F@!k ...This one is IT!!! INSANE! Had to listen to it twice in a row! This will LITERALLY make you get off your ASS and F@!king Boogy! How the HELL is this one way down on the list. DAMN JIM!!!
Black Peter
May 13, 1978
The Spectrum

Yeah, this one is nice....1978 as someone mentioned in a comment earlier was a very good year to poor Peter!
Brown Eyed Women
Jan. 17, 1979
New Haven Coliseum

Yes, his voice on this makes this special. It has soul…he’s telling the story like he’s the one from Bigfoot County..Have this in the disc player in the truck and have been digging it extra special.
Wharf Rat
July 8, 1978
Red Rocks Amphitheatre

This should be sitting at #1...WAYYYY more soul than 10/7. 2/18 only sits at #2 because it's the first version.
Row Jimmy
May 16, 1978
Uptown Theater

Guys and Gals! Listen to this one again on one of the super quality audience recordings that circulate. This Jimmy far exceeds most Jimmy’s out there in tone, energy and emotion…I’m a BIG fan of the 3/20/77 version for guitar playing alone but this has emotive singing, playing, all the above wrapped into one. Spring 1978 was a good year for this tune and this was the last time it was played until Egypt tour…it’s like the climatic version that built up throughout the entire tour and gushed out to those fortunate enough to be at the Uptown this particular evening…