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millennial head



May 17, 1978
Uptown Theater

These long freaky Drumses from ’78 are really compelling. The band must have felt so too, since Drums>Space, uh, stuck around!
When I Paint My Masterpiece
May 6, 1990
California State University Dominguez Hills

Jerry's solo is on point, really precise and eloquent.
Sugar Magnolia
July 21, 1974
Hollywood Bowl

Wildly exuberant both before and after "SSDD" vocals. And Billy is all over this great AUD.
Casey Jones
Nov. 23, 1973
County Coliseum

Swings and shimmies before busting out the heavy artillery.
Friend of the Devil
Oct. 25, 1989
Miami Arena

Played pretty fast (for the slow version) and heavy with MIDI and spirited playing. Not to everyone’s taste, perhaps, but I like it!


Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

Kicks so much ass. I won’t call you crazy if you prefer the pre-retirement Deals, but if you don’t, this might be The One.
Mama Tried
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

One of those performances where you can hear how much they loved this song and how fun it is to play and sing.
Feb. 26, 1977
Swing Auditorium

The comments are right on. This has all the thrills of versions later in the year, but it’s more focused.
Wharf Rat
Oct. 11, 1977
Lloyd Noble Center - University of Oklahoma

I think this might be the best of fall ’77! Really do not miss this one.
West L.A. Fadeaway
June 23, 1990
Autzen Stadium

A really terrific version of a song I don’t ordinarily care much about. One for the summer ’90 highlight reel.