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millennial head



Sugar Magnolia
Sept. 22, 1991
Boston Garden

Bruce pummels this one, repeating a hummable lick apparently unique to this version. It elicits a big finish from the whole band.
March 24, 1991
Knickerbocker Arena

Concerted and intense in the last few minutes. A team effort.
Wharf Rat
Oct. 29, 1985
Fox Theater

Expertly rendered. Bobby provides terrific atmospheric coloration. Jerry just rocks out through the whole thing.
Beat it on Down The Line
Aug. 5, 1974
Philadelphia Civic Arena

Zippy, choogling BIODTL with a great groove.
Oct. 5, 1984
Charlotte Coliseum

More than usually haunted Space raves and knocks around before cooling a funky, colorful Other One intro.


They Love Each Other
Sept. 21, 1991
Boston Garden

Bruce simply dropkicks every single solo and fill in this set. It’s badass.
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Sept. 22, 1991
Boston Garden

Really a deft performance. The gently swaying rhythm, the keyboard-accordion interplay, the clear, confident singing. Beautiful.
Looks Like Rain
April 25, 1977
Capitol Theater

The other comments are spot-on. This is a uniquely delicate version that suggests raindrops, not thunderclaps. One of a bazillion potential “best” versions from 1976-77. … And the vibe carries over into Peggy-O.
Big River
Oct. 14, 1983
Hartford Civic Center

As an aside, the Seamons matrix sounds perfect and is like hearing the show for the first time.
Let It Grow
Oct. 9, 1983
Greensboro Coliseum

Immense spinning mirror ball of a Let It Grow throwing light into the dingy corners of the room.