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millennial head



March 20, 1991
Capital Centre

Ominous dark synth lead-in to a great Other One.
July 6, 1990
Cardinal Stadium

Wow, everyone’s playing the hell out of this Sugaree! The band is clearly ON.
May 17, 1978
Uptown Theater

These long freaky Drumses from ’78 are really compelling. The band must have felt so too, since Drums>Space, uh, stuck around!
When I Paint My Masterpiece
May 6, 1990
California State University Dominguez Hills

Jerry's solo is on point, really precise and eloquent.
Sugar Magnolia
July 21, 1974
Hollywood Bowl

Wildly exuberant both before and after "SSDD" vocals. And Billy is all over this great AUD.


Stella Blue
April 3, 1989
Civic Arena

This is one of the best Stellas of the era! Jerry’s midsong solo is profound and dramatic, with big interval leaps, while the outro is hushed and contemplative. Do not miss this song, this show, or this tour generally!
Estimated Prophet
April 3, 1989
Civic Arena

Cool and unusual. In the outro, Brent piles on interesting chord voicings as well as woolly MIDI textures. More people should listen to spring ’89, which has a fair bit in common with the megapopular tours that follow.
Row Jimmy
July 27, 1974
Civic Center

Well, I disagree about the “slow” part. This is as fast a Jimmy as you’ve heard this band play. But it’s got some nice intensity that’s not just a byproduct of the speedy tempo. Unusual and worth hearing.
St. Stephen
Feb. 14, 1970
Fillmore East

It was too played on this date.
Foolish Heart
March 20, 1991
Capital Centre

Just enchanting. Jerry and Bruce harmonize on a unique, trancelike outro that itself is a clever variation on the signature riff(s).