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jaded vet



Way To Go Home
June 28, 1992
Deer Creek Music Center

The one Vince song I dig. This performance is super-solid. Make sure to listen to Jerry's solo. Something kicked him in the ass- it's a rager!
Bird Song
Dec. 9, 1989
Great Western LA Forum

Surprised the Without A Net version gets no love here. This one has always been one of my favorites, and I go back to it often!
Good Lovin'
May 6, 1981
Nassau Coliseum

A very solid, all-around well-played version. This definitely needs more love!
Wharf Rat
Feb. 27, 1981
Uptown Theater

Off of one of Dick's leaked tapes. Wow, great version. There's a nice, clean copy on archive- check it out!
China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider
Dec. 12, 1980
Swing Auditorium

Total sleeper!!!! I came across this version by accident. Good god man- everything about this is perfect! Mountain Jam taboot. LISTEN NOW! Damn...


Good Lovin'
April 25, 1971
Fillmore East

Greatest Story Ever Told
Sept. 28, 1972
Stanley Theatre

I'm generally skeptical of versions rated highly for gimmicks. (St. Stephen jam, 80,524 beat intro to BIODTL, etc...) but this version smokes even without the nod to Stephen. I think my vote just tied this for first place with Veneta, 16-16.
Tennessee Jed
Oct. 20, 1974
Winterland Arena

Why was this left off the GD Movie soundtrack?!?!?
Pretty Peggy O
June 17, 1975
Winterland Arena

Wow, thanks for this suggestion. Very nice.
Feb. 27, 1981
Uptown Theater

Clean is right- a sleeper for sure, except for coming out of the last solo... I swear they miss the cue on that more than they don't... But still a great one, and better than most above this. Thanks for introducing me to it.