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Grateful Dead - Tennessee Jed

Below you'll find a user-submitted list of the best Grateful Dead Tennessee Jed.

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Kieth is doing some wonderfully inventive stuff here. It's Europe '72 so you know it's good
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never heard Jerry use his Wah pedal on outro jam in Jed before this one...haven't heard one since
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Perfect wind up, pitch & strike down the middle. I've yet to hear a better one, though I'll try some of the recs here. Til then.....
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Arriving t'ween Samson & tMNS, this justifiably famous Jed (much discussed b.i.t.tape days) can be enjoyed repeatedly. Squeeze out those squeakers Jer
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Tenn Jed #2 for Nashville in '78, first being 4/22. Which is better? You decide. This one is hard to top tho.
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Not a huge fan of this tune usually but this one is extremely catchy. Maybe it had to do with the fact that they were in Nashville...
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This is the unheralded version. The whole show is like chamber music. This is the best TJ solo Jerry ever played. It is incredibly well conceived.
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This one's on fire... thought for sure it would be here already. Blistering Jerry.